The Ultimate Guide To Easy Makeup For Hectic Mornings

easy makeup tips

For the most part, when I go out, I like to wear makeup. Nothing too heavy, or over-the top, but just that little dash of color to my face is a serious confidence boost.

Having said that, though, I don’t like spending a ton of time on my makeup, especially on busy mornings.

Are you in the same boat?

If so, girl, I’ve got your back.

Today I’m going to share some super easy makeup tips that I promise will make your makeup routine so much faster.

It’s only four steps, one brush, and you’re out the door, looking and feeling your absolute best. Seriously.

Let’s get right into this!

Use these easy makeup tips to apply your makeup in under 5 minutes:

Please note that I have used a couple affiliate links within this post. Just know that these are all products I use and love.ย 

1. Use a high quality foundation

I strongly believe that your foundation is the bread and butter of your makeup routine. To me, it’s what sets the tone for the rest of your makeup, which is why I stress finding a high quality foundation that you can rely on.

I’ve found that when I use cheaper, drugstore brand foundations they tend to dry out, crack, and settle into the dry patches on my skin. Not cute.

On the other hand, when I use a high quality foundation that is made with skin loving ingredients, I’m able to rest assured that my makeup will look good all day.

In particular, to really boost the speed of your makeup routine, I highly recommend investing in the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.

This foundation is extremely lightweight and natural. It has anti-aging benefits, SPF 50, and a host of other radiance boosting properties. Not to mention, unlike a lot of foundations that I’ve used in the past, it applies so smoothly, I honestly just use my fingers to apply, which saves me a tonย of time. No extra brushes or sponges necessary

Try out The Your Skin But Better CC Cream, or other high quality foundation of your choice, for a super speedy foundation application.

easy makeup routine

Image via @itcosmetics

2. A quick application of concealer makes all the difference

As a teenager, I was never really into concealer. To be honest, I don’t think I really knew what it was, but now that I’ve started using concealer, I can’t go without it.

Not only does it brighten my whole face, it makes me eyes really pop, which is why I always recommend taking the time to conceal your under eye.

Having said that, though, concealer does tend to crease if you don’t pick the right one, which is why I highly recommend checking out the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

Not only is this a high quality product that I know you’ll be able to rely on, you’ll also likely find that you don’t need a ton of product in order to get good coverage. I’ve had my current tube for six months, and I’m not noticing that it’s low.

To apply, I always place one swipe of product under each eye, along with a little on my eyelid, and then quickly blend it out.

Again, to blend I just do this with my fingers, which would probably be frowned upon by any makeup artists, but, unlike some drugstore brands that I’ve used, with this NARS product, I’ve never found it to be drying or problematic, even when I don’t set it with powder. (I’ll only set with powder for a special event, or if I happen to have extra time in the morning).

In general, though, adding the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer takes less than a minute to apply, and it makes all the difference in the look of my makeup.

easy makeup routine

Image via @narsissist

3. Add color with bronzer

To me, bronzer is non-negotiable.

Of course, for some, depending on your skin tone, you might go for a bronzer that is very neutral, or you might go with something that really gives you that skin kissed glow.

Whatever your preference, I’ve found that bronzer can really help bring life to your face.

To apply, grab a brush and concentrate the bronzer around the outside edge of your face. In particular, your jawline, cheekbones, and hairline is the general area you want to focus on.

In addition, a really easy makeup tip is to add bronzer on to your eyelids. You can honestly just use the same brush and sweep the bronzer across your closed eyes. It doesn’t have to be neat or fancy, but just by adding that extra warmth to your eyelids, it will perk up your whole face.

For an affordable bronzer that goes on super smooth and gives that natural glow, I highly recommend the Butter Bronzer by Physician’s Formula. There’s no weird sparkle to it, and it applies so nicely that you never have to worry about looking too over done or orange. The butter bronzer is a must have in my makeup bag.

easy makeup routine

Image via @physiciansformula

4. Use a basic highlighter

When people hear the word highlighter in relation to makeup, they tend to think of bold, dramatic highlighter that you might see on a Kardashian.

That’s not what I’m recommending here.

Instead, I’m recommending a really basic highlighter that you can use to simply highlight the inner corner of your eye, and maybe down your nose, if you like that look.

It might seem like such a basic thing to do, but I’ve really found that adding that little highlight makes my eyes look so much brighter, and now, I really can’t do my makeup without it. In addition, I like to add just a little highlighter straight down my nose, and onto the tip. If you don’t want to draw attention to your nose, I wouldn’t recommend this step, but for me, it’s a quick way to add some brightness onto my face, which I enjoy.

And, once again, I simply just use my finger to apply the highlight, which makes my makeup routine even faster.

If you’re looking for a basic highlight that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on, I would highly recommend the Pure Nude Highlight by Essence. This product is less than $5, and it’s honestly something that I use everyday without fail.

I have highlighters by Anastasia Beverly Hills and Two Faced, and 9 times out of 10, I go with the Pure Nude Highlight over these more pricey alternatives.

For more of my favorite drugstore, budget friendly makeup products, be sure to check out this post on my list of my favorite drugstore makeup finds.

essence highlighter

5. Finish off with mascara

To finish off the look, it’s very rare that I go anywhere without loading up on mascara, especially when I’m rocking such an easy makeup look.

In terms of what mascara I recommend, to be honest, I’ve never really tried a mascara that I didn’t like, which probably just means that I’m not super picky with mascara. Currently I’m using the Volum’ Express Colossalย Mascara by Maybelline, but really, I always just base my mascara purchase off of what is currently on sale at the drugstore.

Find a mascara that works for you, and you’re good to go.

easy makeup tips

Optional: fill in your brows

This is one of those makeup tips that I think is very personal and will vary from person to person.

For me, personally, I love a full brow, and even though I have relatively dark, full eyebrows naturally, I do generally tend to fill them in ever so slightly.

Of course, though, I’m still trying to keep this easy makeup routine super fast, so when I say that I “fill them in,” I mean that I add the tiniest bit of product to my sparser areas, which tends to be in one particular section of brow.

Trust me, you don’t have to sit for hours trying to get the perfect drawn on brow in order for this to make a difference. Just a little filling in can make a huge difference in framing your eyes.

With regards to a recommendation, I’ve used the NYX Micro Brow pencil for years, I don’t think I’ll ever use anything different since this product tends to be so reliable.

easy makeup tips

Image via NYX Cosmetics

If it’s not obvious, for me, the most important thing when you’re doing your makeup is to focus on the skin, which is why I spend more money on things like foundation and concealer rather than mascara. To me, when your skin looks bright and fresh, all you need is the bare minimum on your eyes, and voila, you’re ready to tackle your day.

Of course you can always add to this little routine, if you have the time.

Sometimes I’ll add a thin line of eyeliner onto my upper lash line. Also, in the winter, I’ll add a dusting of blush onto the apples of my cheeks for some extra color, since I can get pretty pale in the colder months.

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And really, other than that, that’s it!

Four steps, with only one brush, and an optional fifth step. Pretty easy, right?

I’d say so!

I’d love to hear if anyone has used any of these products, and whether or not you like them. If you have any product recommendations that help you quickly apply your makeup, leave them in the comments below. I’m all about easy makeup that still looks great.

Oh, and also, if you found these easy makeup tips helpful, feel free to share this image with your Pinterest followers. It’s always appreciated. You all rock, xx.

easy makeup routine