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I started blogging back in 2012, and I can say without question, it was that decision to purchase a domain and sign up for hosting services, that really dictated my career path. Without going into the whole story of how I got from point A to point B, I currently work as a freelance writer and digital marketer in the fashion/beauty realm.

Read more about my freelance writing journey here.

I love what I do, but I was feeling a sense of disconnect from what I was writing and the people I was connecting with through my marketing efforts. I’ve written hundreds of articles for other companies and brands, and I hated that a piece of my content would go out into the world, and it never really felt like mine. It bothered me that I couldn’t truly connect with people. Everything I was doing had the label or stamp of another brand on it. It might sound a little egotistical, but I felt an intense desire to create and build something that was solely and completely mine.

And so, the idea for Hustle and Hearts was born.

I had many sleepless nights before actually getting anywhere with this idea, though. It was on my 26th birthday that I had a perfectly timed epiphany: I realized I had the power to develop Hustle and Hearts into whatever I wanted it to be. I had carved out a career path as a writer all by myself, even though it wasn’t at all a traditional choice. If I could create that opportunity for myself, then what was stopping me from achieving the next goal?

It was with that thought that I realized what Hustle and Hearts would be.

Hustle and Hearts is a space for millennial women who are on dream chasing journeys. It’s for those trying to build a lifestyle that supports their big dreams. 

But hey, we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. I’m all for jokes and the occasional personal anecdote. Having said that, Hustle and Hearts isn’t about me. It’s not a space for me to post personal style photos or talk at you. I want to talk with you. I want to discuss light-hearted topics I’m passionate about, like fashion and beauty, but also have the more serious discussions about how you can take topics you’re passionate about and build them into something. I want Hustle and Hearts to be about creating community and a sense of empowerment for those who want to mould their lives into whatever shape they want. We live in a time where I truly believe we all have the capabilities to manifest our dreams into our own vision, in our own way.  

If you need a little motivation to get you to stop doubting yourself, and instead start following your dreams, this post on overcoming self doubt is for you!

So if you want to talk about fun topics like lipsticks and Louboutins, all while being inspired, motivated, and empowered to take some important steps in your life, then stick around. I promise you, if you have the hustle and heart, your dreams are likely much more attainable than you may realize.


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Hey, I’m Andrea

about andrea spanik

Even though this blog isn’t necessarily about me, I still wanted there to be a face behind it (a face that likes to take pictures with her Ipsy bags, apparently…). My opinions will be expressed and my personality will likely make its way into everything I put out. I can’t help it. I know who I am, and I’m not afraid to express an opinion.

I’ll sum me up into a few quick sentences (‘cause apparently I can be summed up rather easily)…

Let’s start with the most basic Andrea fact there is: I love flowers. Plain and simple.

I can be a tad awkward. Definitely introverted. And always overthinking.

But I’m also quite opinionated, stubborn, and fiercely protective.

If you let me cook you a meal, I’ll probably be happy to oblige.

I may love fashion, but I prefer to walk around barefoot.

I could spend hours playing in the the makeup aisle.

I always believe in a second cup of coffee. Always

I don’t function well on little sleep (see above).

If I could spend all day in the sun, I would.

I get lost in my daydreams all the time.

My pups are my best friends.

I’m all about good skin care.

I live in LuLuLemon leggings.

(Hey, I work from home).

Instagram is my jam.

Pizza & Cupcakes.

White wine FTW.

Laughter & Love.

Friends & Family.





Got a little cray there with the line length, eh? Did I mention I can be a little obsessive. No? Okay, I can be a little obsessive. Oh and yeah, I’m Canadian, so don’t mind the occasional eh. So yeah, I think that kind of sums me up.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about me, about freelancing writing, starting a blog, building an awesome IG account, or really, anything, feel free to get in touch. I love hearing from people! It’s the reason I started a blog, after all!

And there you have it: that’s me and this is my blog. I truly hope you enjoy it and it gives you the little spark you’ve been looking for to tackle all those big dreams.


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