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Ebook On How To Build a Freelance Writing Career

Build Your Own Freelance Writing Business (1)

Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to build an online business?

Oh, I get you.

Two years ago, I was exactly where you are.

Overwhelmed by strategy, paralyzed by fear, and stuck in a cycle of uncertainty.

Definitely not fun.

But today? Well, today I work for myself, make my own hours, and write for a living.

And now, so can you!

My Ebook

For $25, Purchase “Freelance Writing Simplified” Here

In it, I give you my simplified approach to building a freelance writing business through Upwork

Allowing you to:

Skip the overwhelm.

Avoid building a blog or website.

Say buh-bye to hunting down clients.

And start building your business TODAY!

(regardless of experience!)

blogging on a budget
how to use upwork
discovering yourself as a writer

Topics Covered Include:

♦How To Use Upwork Effectively To Build Your Freelance Writing Career

♦ The Secret To Getting Your Upwork Application Approved

♦ Do You Need a Niche To Be a Freelance Writer?

♦ How To Write an Upwork Profile That Attracts Clients

♦ What To Include In Your Upwork Portfolio

♦ How To Land Your Dream Jobs

♦ Tips For Picking The Right Clients (for both beginners and advanced freelancers)

♦ Techniques For Communicating With Clients For Ultimate Success

♦ Overview of My Biggest Career Mistakes (to help you have success even faster)

♦ BONUS: I Include my own profile and cover letter to give you specific samples that have worked on Upwork

100+ Pages To Get You Started On Your Journey

For $25, Purchase “Freelance Simplified” Here

Wondering why you should trust me? Curious about my experience?

Hey, I’m Andrea 🙂

I’m a 27 year old freelance writer from Canada, and I’m super passionate about sharing my journey with others to help them build their own freelance writing businesses.


Because I know how frustrating the whole process can be.

Trust me, I’ve tried and failed multiple times at launching a business.

It wasn’t until I simplified my approached, and focused on my talents that I finally started making money online.

And now I’m considered a top rated freelancer on Upwork who makes a full time living from my writing business.

Just some of my testimonials….

freelance writer

No matter what your level of experience, if you want a simplified approach that will help you build a freelance writing career, this is it.

For $25, Purchase “Freelance Writing Simplified” Here

I can’t wait to hear all about
your success!